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Psychic Services

All Tarot readings and aura portraits are currently being scheduled as Zoom meetings. When in person sessions are possible, I will be able to add Reiki healing appointments for hands on energy work.

Tarot Readings

The Tarot readings are an intuitive process as well as an interpretation of the cards as they appear in the layout. I focus on the energies in the present moment. I am a guide to understanding the forces at work. I help with clarity so the client can make their own decisions about any course of action.


Aura Portraits

The aura portraits depict information I receive psychically from the client's energy field. It is translated into shapes, colors, and symbols. There may be the faces of spirit guides or other entities. I am able to impart verbal information as I draw. Further study and meditation with the portrait reveals more information to the client. Fair Vendor Interview

Reiki Healing

Reiki  is well known hands on energy healing modality. It is non invasive and is done fully clothed. Reiki does not directly cure a disease, but it is a complimentary health approach to traditional medicine.The belief is that Reiki stimulates the body's natural healing abilities. A Reiki session is relaxing, and may relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.

About My Services

My role is that of a caring guide. I provide input and clarity to help the client determine their own path and course of action. Nothing is absolute. The client always has free will to  do as they please.

Tarot readings and portraits can be meaningful, but are pleasant and entertaining. Reiki is very relaxing and enjoyable, but is not medical treatment for an ailment.

I do not give medical advice or treat a disease or illness. Medical problems, as well as psychological disorders, must be treated by medical professionals.

A half an hour session for any service is $50. An hour is $80.00. Services are purchased electronically when the session is scheduled. There are no refunds, but a reading  can be rescheduled with at  least a 24 hour advance notice.

Contact me to schedule a Tarot reading or an aura portrait by using the Contact Form. I am also happy to answer questions or provide more information.