Moonwise Mystic

Spirit Based Artwork

The aura portraits depict information I receive psychically from the client's energy field. It is translated into shapes, colors, and symbols. There may be the faces of spirit guides or other entities. I am able to impart verbal information as I draw. Further study and meditation with the portrait reveals more information to the client.

The aura portraits I create are enabled by a psychic connection established between me and my subject. Our spirit guides facilitate the transfer of information in the form of colors, shapes, patterns, and clairsentient information.

When I began my series of paintings inspired by the forest that surrounds our house on three sides, I soon realized a similar process was in effect. I took pictures of the trees, began the work on each piece by looking at a specific photo, but that is where the reliance on the image ended. I found I was compelled to work in quick, energetic bursts of activity, with out any planning or conscious control. The more I just allowed the process to unfold, the better the artwork. It was only after I stood back and looked at the piece as a whole I saw the images I had created. The message  would became clear. I could complete a piece in four or five short sessions, sometime working over a portion of the painting, changing it entirely. Then, suddenly, it was done. I just knew. 

While creating the artwork I was  in communication with the entities and spirits that  roamed the woods. They wandered in and out of the dark spaces and light portals I was depicting in between the trees. They were telling me their stories, and revealing the energy matrix that binds me, the trees, the portals, and all of creation together.