Channeled Psychic Aura Portrait


Have you ever completely connected to your spiritual energy and inner strength? How would such a connection enhance your life?

Do you feel a little out of step with other people?  Do you seem to have a different sensibility? You may be empathetic, and sensitive to your environment.  It could be over whelming, and hard to know what is real, or imagined. The challenge is learning about your spiritual gifts, claiming them as your personal power, and stepping into that power with confidence and support.

I create Aura Portraits that are helpful on your journey of self -discovery.  The Aura Portrait visually depicts information that I receive from your auric field. Your Aura Portrait will be created in the context of a supportive psychic reading focused on the heart center and your aura. The heart center is a strong psychic link to spirit guides, and a healing connection that opens you more fully to your inner self and personal guidance. You can then direct your life consciously and with more confidence in your spiritual gifts.

The finished portrait carries the power, connection to Spirit, and the information of the reading as it happened. It is a permanent, visual, record of that special time that can be accessed permanently. It is a tool for future study and meditation.

I have been perfecting the Aura Portraits and my ability to establish a heartfelt connection with my clients during a portrait session for over 30 years. Clients have come back several times for portraits as “progress reports”. Some have told me the Aura Portrait they received changed their life.  
Are you ready to experience an Aura Portrait session?
The portrait is 9" x 12" on acid free paper. It is done in soft pastels. These portraits are larger than the ones done at a fair, and done without a time constraint.

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